When Collection is not enough


Whether its commercial, or consumer collection, we strive to handle all matters without the added cost of litigation.
Once the litigation process is started, Bryant Hodge & Associates will vigorously defend your rights as a creditor.
You don’t pay unless we collect your assets.

Our proprietary collection process will identify assets including Real Estate , Bank accounts, or current employment and only vigorously pursue those that we have determined the ability to pay.



Judgment enforcement.

Handle these accounts on a flat rate judgment, or a forward fee-contingency plan that works for you.

Your accounts will be handled weekly by a collector who is well versed in the legal process, we don’t stop working just because a judgment is obtained. While most obtain a judgment and wait for the consumer or business to get around to dealing with it. We specialize in vigorous enforcement of any judgements we obtain.

If you have money owed to you, Captstone or one of our litigation affiliates in other States want to show you what Compliant professional debt collection can do for your bottom line.

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