Consumer Debt Collection

How to recover your assets

You have extended credit to a consumer.
It’s over 90 days delinquent.
You don’t have the time to locate, call, and follow up, on the money that is owed, because you’re busy with current customers.
WE GET IT, leave it to us!
We have over 49 years combined experience in our field. Know your accounts are being worked compliantly, and steadily, by professionals.
This gives you the freedom to work your current accounts, knowing you have the best on your side.
While we pride ourselves on collecting a majority of your money without litigation, we are prepared to follow from placement, to judgment, to judgment enforcement.
Contact us today to discuss a tailored collection process for your past due receivables

We are Fully Compliant with the FDCPA as well as local state laws.

Pick the process(es) that best fit your business needs.

Step 1 - We notify your debtor by mail that we have been retained regarding your bill they have 30 days to pay. If they pay in the first 45 days, 100 percent of the money goes to you.

Step 2 - We collect for a fee(rates vary on age and placement level) you pay nothing unless we collect money for you. We verify Assets, Location(s), Bank Accounts, Real Estate, Employment, and prepare for further action if necessary.

Step 3 - Litigation process TBD on a per client basis.

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