Commercial Debt Collection

Business Relationship Management

Your Business extended Credit to another company, and it is at least 90 days delinquent.
BHA understands that in the fast moving world called your Business, keeping relationships intact, while still collecting the money your owed can be difficult.

Bryant Hodge & Associates specializes in profesionally collecting Commercial debt.
First and foremost, by working with your customers to get the account back on track. Our specialty is handling disputes, and working through financial downturns with your customers, while ensuring your rights are fully protected.

We utilize litigation as a last resort.

Your accounts will be worked thoroughly, with the highest degree of professionalism, utilizing modern technology, and over 49 years combined experience, to get the job done fast, so you can keep growing!

Pick the process(es) that best fit your business needs.

Stage 1 - We notify your debtor by mail that we have been retained regarding your bill they have 30 days to pay.If they pay in the first 45 days 100 percent of the money goes to you.

Stage 2 - We collect for a fee(rates vary on age placement level). You pay nothing unless we collect money for you. We varify Assests, Location(s), Bank Accounts, Personal Guarantees, and prepare for further action if necessary.

Stage 3 - Litigation process TBD on a per client basis.

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